Marketing & PR

Freezil PR: Creating A Connection!

At the heart of any successful PR campaign lies a creative idea; the success of this idea depends on how it is presented to the target audience.

Successful PR & advertising agencies know how to employ ideas and concepts to attract people and earn their trust and loyalty.

At Freezil, we adapt to our clients values, voices, goals and target audience and present ideas that reflect them. Our ability to cope with the constant change in the markets enables us to create marketing and PR campaigns that are both effective and sustainable.

Unlike what many people think PR is not only about publishing an article or buying advertisements, it’s also about creating a story and communicating with your clients via trusted, not only paid, methods. Those trusted or “earned methods” could only be obtained via earning the loyalty of your clients and meeting their expectations.

Whether it is via speaking engagements, social media, or traditional media we ensure communications with your clients to promote your business ideas and values.

As a creative PR agency not only do we advertise your brand to your target audience, but also create a connection between your clients and the values represented by your brand.

In addition, being among the leading PR firms in Qatar, we realize the importance and need of creating inspiring PR campaigns.

Our team of creative storytellers produces narratives and plots to advance your business agenda whether to enhance, protect or build your brand and reputation.

We analyze your organization, determine your positive messages, values or products and translate them into engaging stories. These stories are then published on various online and offline platforms, monitored and evaluated regularly to determine their effect on your clients.

Further, Freezil PR strategies and campaigns are flexible and adaptable, thus they could be easily altered and tailored to suit your marketing needs.

Freezil Marketing and PR services depend mainly on details; we strive to focus on specifics that other public relations agencies might overlook.

By acting on those details and altering them to create PR campaigns we introduce new, fresh and impactful perspectives to your clients. In addition, our deep understanding of different media outlets and platforms allows us to customize the PR campaign to suit your audience and their habits and interests.

By researching the market and analyzing customer behavior, we are able to create PR campaigns that promote your business, develop brand identity and build consumer interest and trust. Data and analysis is used to predict customer behavior and market trends which leads to holistic PR campaigns that is delivered through different spectrums. Further, by recognizing the landscape and redefining goals and strategies based on comprehensive data analysis, Freezil provides maintainable PR campaigns that become an integrated part of the organization’s marketing strategy.